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Our projects

KingAPP® is an IT service provider that will support you in developing the right strategy, provide your customers with a unique shopping experience, implement your digital e-commerce applications and ensure smooth, sustainable, automated operations for your business. We operate mainly in Poland, Great Britain and in the German-speaking area. We do not hesitate to undertake even the most demanding projects. Get to know some of them and develop your digital commerce with us!

AutoWorld® is a modern automotive portal, in one place gathering advertisements related to, among others, the purchase of parts, cars or services. The solutions provided by KingAPP® allowed to create an attractive platform that brings together a wide group of people and companies related to the auto-moto industry.

Our task was to:

  • preparing of an intuitive, innovative and functional marketplace platform
  • creating a user-friendly mobile application
  • enabling the integration of other stores with the portal
  • developing a creative concept - name and logo
  • creating attractive promotional materials

Thanks to the solutions used by us, the portal has many functionalities that facilitate the sale and purchase of products and services from the automotive industry, as well as an intuitive system for managing the company or payments.

#marketplace #ecommerce #www #mobileapp #graphics #logo #system #seo #marketing #advertising

HUBburger® is a modern B2B and B2C sales ecosystem, bringing together entities from the cannabis industry. This is a large-scale, extensive project initiated by Maciej Sagal and Piotr Liroy-Marzec, targeted at popularizing and increasing the availability of medical marijuana.

As KingAPP®, we were fully responsible for the project from the technical side:

  • designing and creating from scratch a marketplace platform - the backend and frontend
  • creating an intuitive HUBburger® mobile application for the user
  • designing the website's logotype, graphics, advertising materials, SEO texts

HUBburger® is one of the KingAPP® crew's largest projects. Thanks to us, a wide-ranging e-commerce system was created, bringing together B2B and B2C entities from the cannabis industry from around the globe. The system offers many functionalities in the field of payments, company management, warehouses, transport, etc.

#marketplace #ecommerce #www #mobileapp #graphics #logo #system #seo #marketing #advertisement
Shop.KingAPP® Application

Shop.KingAPP® is a proprietary mobile application, used to support sales processes. Intuitive, transparent and easy to use, it is intended for employees of various levels and positions.

It supports, among others:

  • management of the company, employees and contacts
  • support for stationary and online stores
  • goods management
  • management of warehouses, deliveries and shipments

Shop.KingAPP® is especially useful for system administrators, who can perform key tasks more efficiently, as well as for system users (e.g. warehouse workers) who facilitate the execution of orders.

#mobileapp #ecommerce #layout #graphics #system
Graphic designs

We know that the company's image is fundamental. We are often contacted by clients who need more than just a website. Then we provide them with comprehensive service - from creating a logo to designing graphics for an online store.

We then deal with:

  • intuitive interfaces (in accordance with the accepted UX standards) - not only for managing the website content
  • logos, posters, sign books
  • advertising and reportage films
  • professional website templates, adapted to all mobile devices

Our clients were companies such as the Ciechan brewery, SagBag, Nico Racing and Satech.

#graphics #logo #layout #advertisement #marketing #emarketing #onlinemarketing #ecommerce #www #marketplace
Ministry of Herring and Vodka Gdańsk

One of the most popular bars in the Tri-City, part of the nationwide franchise, has decided on our system support.

KingAPP® designed and build:

  • new website
  • an intuitive backend system with the possibility of simple frontend editing

Thanks to us, the Ministry gained a sales management system and a simple order management system. The website is integrated with the company's social media and has its own marketplace.

#ecommerce #www #mobileapp #graphics #system
Online store templates
At KingAPP® we prepare template stores with fndamental functionalities, intended for immediate use after minor modifications. With minimal financial outlays, you can get an online store, and over time - expand it with new parameters according to your needs.
#marketplace #ecommerce #onlinestore #www #mobileapp #graphics #logo #system #template

LiRoyal is a premium brand of CBD products founded and signed by Piotr Liroy-Marzec to build a distribution network around the world. From the KingAPP® website the project included:

  • design and development of a responsive online store
  • building a sales platform for both retail and wholesale trade
  • designing visual aspects of the brand: logotype, graphics, product labels, advertising materials
  • conducting a long-term online marketing campaign

LiRoyal's online store includes both a sales system and a multidimensional system for integration, company management, finance, and order or supply chain. LiRoyal is one of KingAPP®'s flagship projects from the field of e-commerce, presenting a wide spectrum of company activity - from website building to promotional campaign.

#marketplace #ecommerce #onlinestore #www #mobileapp #graphics #logo #system #template

Ubetonowani is a company that manufactures and distributes architectural concrete products We serve large investments as well as individual customers. We provide decorative solutions for interiors as well as prefabricated exteriors as well as small architecture, facades, pots.

In terms of the platform, we wanted to have everything in one place both an efficient CRM as well as for customers to easily make purchases from our online store. We also wanted a highly aesthetic site.

#ecommerce #www #mobileapp #graphics #logo #system #seo #marketing #advertisement #mediastore
MŚiW Gdańsk APP

Another element created for the Gdańsk Ministry of Herring and Vodka is a mobile application that combines customer and employee service.

We have implemented:

  • intuitive menu and table reservation system for customers
  • assortment management system for employees

The application increased the efficiency of the enterprise, which can control its sales and orders in an easier and more transparent way.

#ecommerce #www #mobileapp #graphics #layout #system