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Do you have an idea for applications? Talk to us, we will gladly implement even the most demanding ideas in the smartphones of your customers. We start where others give up.



Promotional activities are indispensable. For the client, we perform a number of post-implementation services, such as positioning, email marketing, marketing campaigns, social media marketing.
Internet shops


Do you want to make effective online sales? Do you need a convinient, functional online shop?

Why you should build yous shop with KingAPP?

Indywidual graphic design

Full transparent and modern visual identification system

Intuitive administration

Modern online shop make selling and administration easy

order management  – make sure each of them will be fulfilled,

integrated storehouse management – make sure you sell products you have inhouse, make orders from your suppliers,

created pick-up lists and packing lists – manger the packing process as well as sending process,

create your own product categories with product parameters,

join products with categories to make customer searches easier and faster,

integrate the shop with selling platforms like  Allegro, eBay or Amazon,

enjoy automated invoicing,

use multiple languages,

Intuitive checkout

Automated delivery expenditure calculations

Comfortable client database

With the possibility to edit data and make constant discounts for best customers

Storehousing system

Real time storehouse quantity synchronisation

Virtual storehouses for transportation an logistics

Mobile web app for order packing

Marketing and social media support

Promote your online shop. Use:

handy mailing system – for order management and promotions,

discount code mailing system,

support for social media – integration with Social Queen, fun page communication enhancement.

Capabilities suited for sale needs

We create tailored solutions. You can:

use additional features and extensions, for example additional applications,

add offer negotiations module (B2B),

create bulk offers and bulk products.

adjust the selling system to exports to Amazon, eBay or Autoworld.

Www pages


Updating information is an absolute requirement today - you can not afford to refresh content once in a while. This forces you to have a system that allows you to efficiently and quickly update this content on your site. High functionality of our solutions results from an individual approach to your needs. Thanks to our team, the appearance of your website will be intuitive, friendly and "on time".
When building a CMS, we care about:
- content management
- blogging, media and news management
- changing the appearance (refreshing and adapting to current trends)
- preparation for SEO and e-marketing
- analysis of user`s traffic on the website
- advanced forms of communication with clients (chat, forms, surveys)
- multilingualism
- responsiveness (support for the mobile version and tablet)
- support for integration with Social Media
- granting access to resources requiring authorization (permission to browse selected pages or download additional materials)


We create:
- CRM systems
- mobile applications integrated with the Internet version
- ERP software (warehouse management and wholesaler relationship - seller - customer)
- order management systems
- integration through API with other systems
- financial systems (generators of invoices, transport numbers)
- advanced calculators
- storage system with the option of scanning the product and space in the warehouse/ transport by smartphone
- websites (business cards, presentations)
If you want to grow your business - invest in dedicated software. Our versatile team of specialists will design and execute software tailored to your needs. We carry out analytical, design and graphics projects. A group of user interface specialists ensures that the programs are user-friendly and intuitive.
We use Agile and Lean concepts. Close cooperation with the customer at every stage of building the application is our key to success. Thanks to this, our software meets high standards which provide measurable business benefits and further development opportunities.
In our work, we use the latest technologies:
- PHP 7.1
- HTML5 i CSS3 (RWD)
- Javascript
- Objective C, JAVA
- Sass, LESS


We offer E-Commerce solutions for B2C and B2B markets. We understand that each company is different and their offers vary, and business is time for money. Therefore, the platforms we use: Magento, eCommerce or our proprietary software ensure optimization of all processes within sales and customer service, both retail and business.
Our client gains the advantage of faster return on investment and use of one software, thanks to our comprehensive solutions - our sales platforms equipped with additional modules support sales, we integrate E-Commerce solutions with ERP and CRM systems. An additional driver for sale will be the integration with our proprietary project for Social Media management: https://socialqueen.com.
Visual identification


We create:
intuitive interfaces (in accordance with the accepted UX standards) to manage not only the content of the website,
logos, posters and character books,
advertising and reportage films,
professional website templates (graphically and adapted for correct display on all mobile devices).

What's new at KingAPP?

Comming soon..
New Project comming soon
Warsaw AUTOMOTIVE 2019
The KingApp team exhibited at the Largest Automotive Fair in Poland in Warsaw. We presented our new platform from the automotive industry: aw.pl and Aukcjomat.pl, which is used for quick and automated transfer of auctions from advertising portals to other platforms.
KingApp Team on Social Media Event
KingApp Team on Social Media Event in Warsaw in 2018. Many new experiences, meetings and specific and interesting presentations presentations.
MovieStudio by SocialQueen.com in APP iOS #socialqueen #Kingapp #Kingappde #Socialqueencom #Ksw #Materla #Champion #Software #Beta #Test #Polishboy #Lipski #Arianelipski #Pudzianowski #Mankowski #Gamrot #Janikowski #Popitbullsports Ariane Lipski and Renato Silva at KingApp.de WEB & APP Development.
Greetings from Warsaw #MiriamShaded #SocialQueenCom #Warsaw #Poland - in place: EXPO XXI Warsaw - International Trade Fair and Congress Center
Skuteczni APP CRM
Idea, project and we are soon implementing a new application that will support the management of the election campaign and our structures
https://liroy.pl/__id__/371 #SocialQueenCom #Skuteczni #SoftwareDeveloper #kingapp #App #Application #Crm # Kukiz15 #Elections #Campaign #Pis #Po #Platforma Citizenship #PSL #Sejm #Pejm #Pejmir Confederation
- Published with https://socialqueen.com/r/d
Greetings from Warsaw #MiriamShaded #SocialQueenCom #Warsaw #Poland - in place: EXPO XXI Warsaw - International Trade Fair and Congress Center

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Thanks to the experience and competence of the whole KingAPP team, my career gained momentum. I am glad that I have the opportunity to cooperate with such professionals.

Ariane Lipski

UFC fighter

Let's start with graphics ...

In our work, we treat each project individually and we are maximally involved in it. Each order is a new challenge for us. Thanks to the use of modern project management methods (Agile and Lean), our products are of high quality and the production process is carried out in close cooperation with the customer.

Expand your business using our ideas, knowledge and passion.