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With sales plans you can see if sales are going according to expectations. Sales plans are both quantitative and valuable.
A production recipe allows you to record a production schedule with version number, variation number and quality specification of the finished product. Each of these has a batch and a factor for the losses that occur during production. The substrate for the manufactured product can be any other product, labour or machine. Each batch of products produced can be tested for quality according to the specification assigned to the product. The recipes are no longer editable.

The ability of a natural person to check whether the agent whose services is used or intends to use is a person honest in the performance of his duties. A person included in the register of honest agents is registered in it by the insurance company with which he cooperates, which gives full credibility of the entered information

Option to choose the variant parameters only from the attributes previously marked on the product (e.g.. selected colors, materials, dimensions). By narrowing down the selection only to the options available as part of the product, which contributes to the improvement and pace of work of the person introducing the product variant to the store

Possibility to automate the change of the default purchase currency when the user changes the language of the site. When translating the site, the system will automatically calculate the temptation and show the user prices and promotions in the currency of the country where the language is used (taking into account the security factor set by the seller)

Possibility of setting a graphic element informing about unavailable products or their variants. After clicking on the icon the user will be automatically transferred to the manufacturer's website (directly to the order form), which will facilitate quick completion of the missing product. After the order arrives at the warehouse, the icon next to the product/variant will automatically stop displaying in the listing

Possibility to search and identify persons/companies by identification numbers such as NIP, REGON, PESEL or the number in the register of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Functionality especially useful e.g.. in the insurance industry

Possibility to accept direct cash payments. Support of mobile application enables handling cash payments by sales representatives and generating appropriate KP forms together with individual QR codes (at customer's location). Thanks to automation, the payment will be settled and posted by appropriate departments of the company, and the smooth circulation of fiscal documents and other files streamlines the operation of the company

Possibility to force an invoice to be issued before receiving payment. This functionality is particularly useful for companies providing long-term services, where invoices should be delivered to the customer e.g. every month or their amounts vary over time (e.g. energy, heating, water and sewage sector)

Possibility to choose from two options of assigning one payment method to forms (e.g.  purchases and donations) on websites:

  • assigning a single identifier to multiple forms, which makes it possible to accumulate deposited funds in a single bank account;
  • assigning multiple identifiers to multiple forms so that funds are deposited into designated account numbers (e.g. donations are made to one account, payments for the purchase of goods to another).

The ability to split contributions makes it easier for supporting companies such as. charity through its own website.

Possibility to include on transport documents the most important information concerning the transported goods, allowing to optimize the distribution system. Information such as weight or CBM of the goods are also transport data required by the transport law

Possibility to create purchase lists, allowing you to generate purchase invoices that, when compared with the receipt of goods from the supplier, allow you to analyze whether the order is complete / incomplete or the purchase is paid / unpaid at the supplier. All invoices are collected in the system's central invoice listing

Possibility of setting up notifications informing about financial arrears along with annotations assigned to the account or user, concerning e.g. the reasons for the arrears

Possibility to enable logging of geographical coordinates, which will allow for precise determination of the location where the sales representative accepted the order, where the photographic documentation was created or the goods were handed over. It is possible to register the whereabouts and routes of a mobile device. The functionality allows you to record the addition of the buyer's location to the database (during the first visit) in order to save the coordinates that will be used in the future to compare the data during the service of the entity

Possibility of recording the issue of goods for customers, creating and printing relevant documents and records of toll collection (for delivery, payment for the order, reporting of additional costs. Using the system, the administrator will generate a list of tasks and routes, indicate whether the goods are ready for release or whether the delivery should be suspended. The goods may also be transferred within the company by virtually shifting it between employees along with information on whose possession the items are.. The system ensures data consistency, including stock levels, which allows for automatic control of external and internal releases, and geolocation facilitates determining the place of delivery. The ability to add photos upon delivery allows you to record any defects or documentation required by the company's policy

Possibility to create and set up a banner that appears after making a payment using the donation form. Pop-up can take any graphic form (eg. thanks, certificate), and thanks to the appropriate format, the graphics are of high quality, while the donor has the option of automatically sharing it on social media (using the "share" button), downloading or printing it

Possibility to post donation forms on the website, facilitating donation, e.g.. for the foundation. Forms can take the form of transferring the amount or the form of conversion (then the system converts a specific number selected by the donor into a given amount on the basis of purchased products). It is possible to set a fixed amount / amount presented on the form and a field for entering any amount / amount or anonymizing the donation form

The ability to quickly generate offers from the level of the administration panel by system users. Administrator (e.g.. a sales representative) has the ability to create offers using easy-to-use modules that allow you to add selected products to a previously set template, replace the offer text or add a personalized message to the customer

The ability to automatically generate from the KP printing system (the cash register will accept) for a given order with a unique QR code assigned to the order. It is possible to record the issue of goods for customers, create and print relevant documents and collect fees in the system. The user payment will be settled and transferred from the employee's account to the company's account. Documents based on QR codes can be easily identified and scanned to the appropriate files, stating their correctness and compliance, e.g.. with signatures
Possibility to enable the option to highlight the currently promoted products / variants on the listing in the system administration panel. Products / variants to which rebate codes have been assigned or products / variants covered by a promotional price may be highlighted. Defined promotions will be regularly checked and updated by the system according to the administrator's settings (e.g. by date), and also automatically taken into account when placing an order from the administration panel, e.g. by a sales representative
Possibility to inspect the delivered goods upon receipt. Verification of the order fulfillment can be carried out in terms of its correctness, the number of ordered products, damaged articles, etc. When an error occurs, it is possible to quickly record it and separate a second purchase, submit a return or complaint (along with data and notes about the error), as well as printing the goods receipt protocol
Possibility to provide the manufacturer with the option of adding products on the website. As part of the cooperation, the manufacturer will be able to create categories in the store, which he will be able to supplement with products and their variants. Products / variants within a given category can be combined sets. The product may have a description, photos, production preparation price (first items), price for subsequent items, as well as a packing and shipping group, weight and CBM as standard. The price set by the manufacturer applies only to the sale of the product to the store - he will not have access to the amounts set by the final seller
Possibility to configure an offline version of the mobile application for sales representatives. This functionality is useful in places with limited internet coverage or in case of wi-fi network failure, allowing data transfer even when there is no possibility to connect to the network
Possibility to carry out an inventory of products and goods using the Shop.KingAPP® mobile application
Possibility to set different prices when using transport zones. The system automatically calculates the minimum price (increased by a margin), the minimum price including transport price and the minimum price including transport and customs, which are determined as zone prices
Possibility for suppliers to report the route from point X to point Y, located in different transport zones, along with the cost of this journey. Thanks to the integration with the sales application, the user is able to book a transport, and the forwarder is able to optimize the route in such a way as to reduce transport costs
Possibility to set up automatic calculation of customs duties for transport between zones, added to the final price presented to the customer
Possibility to set up a filter on the frontend that limits the displayed search results to the transport zone. After using the search engine and filtering by zone, the user will only see products that are delivered to a given location. The cost of delivery will be automatically added to the price of the goods (calculated as the average cost of transporting 1 kg between the zones x weight of the purchased product)
Possibility to set a conversion factor informing the amount of goods that should be packed to fill a given transport (in kg and CBM). The system automatically fills in transport data regarding pallets, buses or trucks, counts the weight / volume of the basket contents and converts it into the percentage of filling the means of transport and its cost (in currency and %). Thanks to this, the user has the opportunity to change the goods and complete the transport in the most favorable way for him
Possibility of delineating areas related to transport, which are logistic zones of delivery / receipt of goods. When registering, the system automatically requires the user (who is a customer, supplier or manufacturer) to provide the country and initial transport zone, which extends the possibilities of efficient logistics and sales organization
Possibility to provide the manufacturer with the option of adding products on the website. As part of the cooperation, the producer will be able to create categories in the store, which he will be able to supplement with products and their variants. Products / variants within a given category can be combined sets. The product may have a description, photos, production preparation price (first items), price for subsequent items, as well as a packing and shipping group, weight and CBM as standard. The price set by the manufacturer applies only to the sale of the product to the store - he will not have access to the amounts set by the final seller
Possibility to archive and view set discounts, rebates and price lists in order to further analyze the actions taken and plan future actions
Possibility of granting the giveaways by sales representatives. Thanks to recording them in the mobile application, the granting of the freebies will be recorded in real time in the system, which will take appropriate actions, such as taking the product out of stock or due settlements. The register of giveaways enables their smooth distribution and checking whether they have been issued in accordance with the company's policy
Possibility to place a direct order for the customer at his location, e.g. at his company's premises. Thanks to the support of the mobile application, the sales representative not only presents the offer, but carries out the entire transaction process in real time - from placing an order, through payments and invoicing, to transferring the order to the shipping department. In addition, it has the ability to negotiate, correct the presented offer, grant discounts, giveaways or set up promotions
Possibility to settle and post cash transactions on an ongoing basis by sales representatives at the place where the offer is presented, e.g. at the customer's office, along with the generation of the appropriate type of invoice and cash receipt. If you have the appropriate equipment, it is possible to print documents mobile at the customer's location directly from the mobile application
Possibility to create a dedicated warehouse shelf for a sales representative to collect goods for sales records or return them to the warehouse. Thanks to this functionality, orders placed in real time (for example via a mobile application) are synchronized with the inventory, which allows to avoid errors in the form of ordering the missing goods by another employee of the company in the event of a potential lack of a given item in the warehouse. The functionality also allows you to obtain information about where and with whom company goods are at a given moment
Possibility to adapt the application to one of 19 language versions. The functionality facilitates the presentation of the offer to a foreign-language client by generating the offer in the native language and presenting it in the contractor's language. The application enables international sales and the transfer of orders or tasks to foreign employees who carry out their tasks at a later stage in the sales chain. Thanks to this functionality, international corporations can use one, coherent system without the need to install and integrate many applications supporting communication in different languages
Possibility to create an analytical tool in the form of a pivot table that allows you to carry out various types of summaries and reports. The functionality is useful e.g. when analyzing sales, calculating employee bonuses, etc.
Possibility to place a button on the website that generates a link to the basket / offer. The button allows you to create a short, user-friendly and legible link and use it in an advertisement or share it directly with one of the interested persons
Possibility to independently shorten and edit links to subpages and create the so-called friendly url addresses. The system user has the option of creating short and legible links for the client, positively influencing UX (User Experience) and website positioning in the search engine (SEO)