We are not another agency providing e-commerce solutions that promises miracles on a stick. Our team approaches projects individually to provide tools that are probably not found anywhere else on the market. We produce dedicated software, websites and mobile applications, while we specialize in providing solutions tailored to your project. What makes us different is, first of all, the fact that you no longer have to look for what you need from several contractors and leave mountains of money for each of them. We use proprietary modules that we are able to combine with each other according to your needs. It is thanks to this that you save time and money, not to mention convenience - you have everything in one place from one supplier. KingAPP ™ shareholders are not only entrepreneurs, but also the main IT specialists of our company. Thanks to this, you can be sure that they care about providing you with the best software and hardware solutions. In fact, we don't want to confuse your eyes with the fact that we are the best, coolest, kindest and other "best". Check the opinions of our customers and let's talk to see what we can do for you