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Our business modules

Possibility to view the listing and product cards with parameters, descriptions, multimedia (photos, videos, presentations etc.), as well as the possibility of adding an ratings / opinions by the customers, related / recommended products, contact form or product inquiries, as well as other elements
The possibility of selling divisible products with automatic counting by the partial sale system, e.g. 1 liter of liquid poured from a 15-liter container. After weighing, the system will calculate how many liters of liquid actually remain in stock, being able to record the goods sold, inventory, etc.
The possibility of selling goods that are not processed in any way in the company, i.e. homogeneous products, which is the basic option of online sales - the seller trades what he bought. The system also offers other sales opportunities such as conversion sales, kits, and service duration sales

The possibility of simple and intuitive adjustment of the content and appearance of automatically sent messages, adjusted to the website design

The ability to set a separate view of products purchased on eBay in the listing of orders in the store

Possibility to configure the preferred date and time format by the administrator and the user. Thanks to this possibility, users can use the system in a way that is more understandable to them. Date formats affect the generated documents - e.g. invoices
The possibility of 24/7 support with the support of cybersecurity experts
The ability to connect the encrypted version of the HTTP protocol, ensuring data security
Possibility to connect the Google Analytics tool that tracks user activity on the website
Possibility to grant individualized authorizations and roles for the user account within the system, e.g. warehouse management, website management, management of integration with websites (both frontend and backend)
Possibility to enable the option of booking products / services by the customer
Possibility to create shipping, distribution, production, sales and quality control warehouses. Having your own warehouse space supports solving problems with returns or collected or unreleased goods. The administrator of the company management system or the warehouse system has the possibility of multi-dimensional warehouse management, including e.g. creating storage places, moving goods on shelves, etc. - with the support of the mobile application
Ability to set up multiple users for a given seller or buyer under company accounts working on behalf of a single company. The whole team functions on the account assigned to one NIP number, also in the case of different locations of users, different roles and system and warehouse rights. It is possible to search for a user by NIP number or other identifier
Possibility to filter the sale of a given product by time period, order source, order status, shipping status, payment status
Possibility to filter order statistics by time period, order source, order status, shipping status, payment status
Possibility to track and control external receipts, as well as record products from outside the system directed to a separate listing based on QR codes or barcodes
The ability to quickly remove products from stock in three options: disposal of the product forcibly giving a reason, booking a product under the order or for the customer, and substracting from stock
The ability to quickly add products to stock by scanning QR codes and item barcodes
The ability to quickly move products between storage shelves, warehouses, etc. by warehouse employees, system administrators and other authorized persons

Ability to scan QR codes and product barcodes by employees and customers using an application supported by mobile devices (phone, tablet). The application allows you to receive products to the warehouse, track the path of the product/variant or determine its location in real time. Its extensive functionality allows, among other things, quick placement of orders, ordering of shipments or multidimensional recording of goods and documents along with instant access to them

Ability to perform key tasks by system users, including but not limited to sales representatives. The salesman is able to quickly and easily present an offer to the customer and place an order for him from the administration panel in his own location. Generated order lists are sent to the system in real time. Using the mobile app, the sales rep can also make and collect contacts to customers and business associates, along with the ability to link them to the CRM contact management tool. It is possible to add and archive notes from meetings, add and edit data and many other functionalities located in the administrative panel of the system, which can be added or subtracted according to customer preferences. Organizing work and sales from the beginning allows for quality and efficiency in the customer service department without losing data

The possibility of creating a dedicated, advanced search engine, adapted to the needs and current trends, both business and technological. After consulting the client and obtaining the necessary data, as well as expert advice, the product finder will be equipped with the necessary filters to facilitate the search and other technical tools. The search engine is reflected in the Shop.KingAPP® mobile application

Possibility to manually add a contact to the newsletter while editing customer data. An automatic mailing is then sent out asking for confirmation of the subscription and the customer is put into a network of contacts who are notified e.g.. about important events in the life of the company, promotions, etc. Contacts can be assigned to account groups, which has an impact on discounts, rebates, offers, mailing groups (whether and which message the customer receives)

Ability to modify data instantly customer with considerable time savings. Editing a contact connected to the system account is equivalent to changing the data of a company account. The administrator changing the contractor's data, e.g.. in the mobile application, edits them simultaneously in all places of the system

Possibility of supervision over stock levels for offers intended for more than one buyer
Possibility to undertake and supervise activities for the positioning of company profiles in the search engine (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) through the appropriate publication of posts on many social media channels, tagging of posts and multimedia, etc., as well as access to extensive statistics and reports that support building online marketing strategies
Possibility to develop texts that take into account positioning in search engines
Possibility to add keywords for pages and subpages
Possibility to develop effective meta descriptions for pages and subpages
Possibility to develop effective meta titles for pages and subpages
Advanced tagging capability for product and variant photos
Possibility to optimize the website for positioning in the search engine (effectiveness at the level of 98-100%)
Possibility of granting various types of permissions to the user
The ability to view invoices for the user account
Ability to view the listing of corporate account payments along with the current balance and "account statement"
The ability to view the listing of goods purchased by the user of a given account along with statistics
Possibility to register and log in to the website via LinkedIn
The ability to register and log in to the site via Facebook
The ability to register and log in to the site via Twitter
Possibility of integration with the social media platform and quick access to the company's profile