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Our business modules

Possibility of supervision over stock levels for offers intended for more than one buyer
Possibility to use a mobile application supporting the work of a warehouse keeper in terms of warehouse movements, releases, receipts, picking, packing and delivering shipments to the courier
Shelf for returned goods
Possibility of integration with the social media platform and quick access to the company's profile
Possibility to configure the preferred date and time format by the administrator and the user. Thanks to this possibility, users can use the system in a way that is more understandable to them. Date formats affect the generated documents - e.g. invoices
The ability to register and log in to the site via Twitter
The ability to quickly remove products from stock in three options: disposal of the product forcibly giving a reason, booking a product under the order or for the customer, and substracting from stock
The ability to add new subpages, divide the blog sections into subcategories
Possibility of a simple and intuitive generation of an order for goods at the supplier, allowing for the receipt of the expected goods with the support of a dedicated mobile application
Possibility to record products in warehouses
The possibility of integrating an online store with a stationary store and automatic synchronization and control of inventory levels, also in real time
Possibility of adding or subtracting goods from stock, as well as automating the process of supervising stock levels between all sales channels (online store, external platforms, stationary warehouse, etc.)
Possibility to store products or variants in bulk, e.g. whole cartons, bags, etc.
Possibility to create a subpage with texts prepared by the client required by law in a given country (KingAPP® is not responsible for the content of the posted content), such as the Regulations or the Privacy Policy
Possibility of integration with the social media platform and quick access to the company's profile
The ability to register and log in to the site via Facebook
Possibility to create multiple invoices simultaneously by type and time range, e.g. May 2020 FVAT, which will generate all FVAT from May 2020 to one .pdf, .xml or .csv file
Possibility to create a contact subpage with a business card (address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.), an route map integrated with Google Maps, company opening hours, etc. It is also possible to place a contact form or a service inquiry form on the website and connect it with a CRM contact list (customer relationship management), among others in order to conduct more effective marketing activities
Possibility to filter order statistics by time period, order source, order status, shipping status, payment status
The possibility of an interesting presentation of products, adding unique descriptions, photos, videos and additional attachments. Dedicated solutions suited to the customer's needs allow you to present all data in a buyer-friendly way
A dedicated shelf for each employee, ensuring the continuity of control of the flow of goods. If a given employee picks up a product in the warehouse, a shelf for that employee will be created there to reflect the actual condition
Ability to view the listing of corporate account payments along with the current balance and "account statement"
Possibility of taking to the warehouse of products that have not been identified and introduced into the system (e.g. in case of unexpected delivery or change of labeling by the manufacturer)
Possibility to enable the option of booking products / services by the customer
The possibility of selling divisible products with automatic counting by the partial sale system, e.g. 1 liter of liquid poured from a 15-liter container. After weighing, the system will calculate how many liters of liquid actually remain in stock, being able to record the goods sold, inventory, etc.
The ability to view the listing of goods purchased by the user of a given account along with statistics
The ability to intuitively create subpages of products and their variants (e.g. different sizes and colors of one product under a separate ID) and their listing and its simple and quick completion, while supervising the inventory, document flow and many other functionalities by the system
Possibility to connect the Google Analytics tool that tracks user activity on the website
Possibility of integration with the social media platform and quick access to the company's profile
Possibility to sell variants collectively, e.g. whole cartons or packages (such as bags, etc.)
Possibility to filter the sale of a given product by time period, order source, order status, shipping status, payment status
Possibility to include or exclude the warehouse from sale at any time. The shutdown of the warehouse reduces the inventory of products that can be sold
The ability to track and record the movement of products in and out of warehouses and archiving their history in relation to the goods
The possibility of 24/7 support with the support of cybersecurity experts
Possibility to create a registration / login subpage with forms for logging in and registering to the website offering the sale of products and services. In each case, the subpage meets the legal requirements in a given country (e.g. GDPR), and the data collected by forms can be collected on the CRM contact management list

The ability to set a separate view of products purchased on eBay in the listing of orders in the store

Possibility to undertake and supervise activities for the positioning of company profiles in the search engine (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) through the appropriate publication of posts on many social media channels, tagging of posts and multimedia, etc., as well as access to extensive statistics and reports that support building online marketing strategies
Possibility to automate VAT changes on all products and integrated platforms (Allegro, eBay, Amazon, OLX, Otomoto etc., marketplace, dropshipping) at the same time according to a designated parameter

Ability to scan QR codes and product barcodes by employees and customers using an application supported by mobile devices (phone, tablet). The application allows you to receive products to the warehouse, track the path of the product/variant or determine its location in real time. Its extensive functionality allows, among other things, quick placement of orders, ordering of shipments or multidimensional recording of goods and documents along with instant access to them

Possibility of posting payments to FVAT, pro forma, advance payment invoices (in selected countries), corrective or to the customer's account, which allows you to keep track of trade credits and the contractor's balance