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Simplified ordering anytime, anywhere - also at the customer's location. Mobile app support, managing business contacts, tasks and more
Sales Representative

Our business modules

Possibility to manually create a personalized offer for the user
Possibility of manual placing of orders for customers from the administration panel and simple and intuitive generation of orders for goods from the supplier by system users. The functionality allows you to obtain the data necessary to complete the order, edit and print them, or add notes and comments. The functionality supported by the mobile application is particularly useful, for example, in the work of a sales representative
Possibility of granting the giveaways by sales representatives. Thanks to recording them in the mobile application, the granting of the freebies will be recorded in real time in the system, which will take appropriate actions, such as taking the product out of stock or due settlements. The register of giveaways enables their smooth distribution and checking whether they have been issued in accordance with the company's policy
Possibility to set discounts when paying in advance, e.g. percentage discounts with full prepayment (the customer will receive a 10% discount by paying the required amount in the form of a deposit)
Possibility of directing dedicated offers to customers / customer segments with products selected especially for them on conditions defined by the company. From the offer (also in PDF), it is possible to generate an order or a counter-offer directly in order to negotiate prices and terms of transactions. The tool is supported by the KingAPP® mobile application
Possibility of ongoing records and control of contacts, received and submitted offers, and correspondence with the support of the mobile application. CRM KingAPP® effectively supports the processes carried out stationary and by sales representatives at the contractor's location. Thanks to the mobile application, current data and activities are transferred and visible on the company's backoffice in real time
Ability to view and manage offer statuses
Possibility of recording and storing business and commercial contacts, etc., available for the execution of orders and offers. A tool related to CRM, which allows you to make contacts from, among others, forms on the website, e-mail, contact databases, etc. Recorded contacts can be converted into system users, which gives the opportunity to expand the sales base and expand commercial activities
Possibility to obtain details about the customer's account, e.g. data, author, contact status and type, contact language and guardian. Each lead can also receive information about the client's budget. Each account can consist of many users, then all contacts of each employee are collected in one place. The system allows you to view the history of purchases or sales with one click
Possibility to grant personalized discounts for customers according to discount groups (product and / or order), which gives unlimited possibilities of defining and configuring the company's pricing policy and minimizing administration. Automation used in this way greatly supports sales, and the buyer knows immediately what the cost of individual products and services will be. The sales representative, in turn, gets the tool fully ready for sale in the field
Possibility to settle and post cash transactions on an ongoing basis by sales representatives at the place where the offer is presented, e.g. at the customer's office, along with the generation of the appropriate type of invoice and cash receipt. If you have the appropriate equipment, it is possible to print documents mobile at the customer's location directly from the mobile application

Ability to scan QR codes and product barcodes by employees and customers using an application supported by mobile devices (phone, tablet). The application allows you to receive products to the warehouse, track the path of the product/variant or determine its location in real time. Its extensive functionality allows, among other things, quick placement of orders, ordering of shipments or multidimensional recording of goods and documents along with instant access to them

Possibility of submitting an individual offer to the customer consisting of available, unavailable and non-available products. This provides the option of checking whether there is a demand for a product potentially marketed
The ability to track the current account balance (payments) of a given user for the purpose of making / completing a transaction or monitoring the trade credit with the support of the mobile app
Possibility to place a direct order for the customer at his location, e.g. at his company's premises. Thanks to the support of the mobile application, the sales representative not only presents the offer, but carries out the entire transaction process in real time - from placing an order, through payments and invoicing, to transferring the order to the shipping department. In addition, it has the ability to negotiate, correct the presented offer, grant discounts, giveaways or set up promotions

Ability to perform key tasks by system users, including but not limited to sales representatives. The salesman is able to quickly and easily present an offer to the customer and place an order for him from the administration panel in his own location. Generated order lists are sent to the system in real time. Using the mobile app, the sales rep can also make and collect contacts to customers and business associates, along with the ability to link them to the CRM contact management tool. It is possible to add and archive notes from meetings, add and edit data and many other functionalities located in the administrative panel of the system, which can be added or subtracted according to customer preferences. Organizing work and sales from the beginning allows for quality and efficiency in the customer service department without losing data

Possibility to create a dedicated warehouse shelf for a sales representative to collect goods for sales records or return them to the warehouse. Thanks to this functionality, orders placed in real time (for example via a mobile application) are synchronized with the inventory, which allows to avoid errors in the form of ordering the missing goods by another employee of the company in the event of a potential lack of a given item in the warehouse. The functionality also allows you to obtain information about where and with whom company goods are at a given moment
Possibility to add a condition to the order, e.g. an expected delivery date
Possibility to specify the service during the booking process by adding additional options to the basket
Ability to set up multiple users for a given seller or buyer under company accounts working on behalf of a single company. The whole team functions on the account assigned to one NIP number, also in the case of different locations of users, different roles and system and warehouse rights. It is possible to search for a user by NIP number or other identifier
Possibility to manually add a contact to the newsletter while editing customer data. Then, an automatic mailing is sent with a request to confirm the subscription, and the customer goes to the chain of contacts who are notified of important events in the company's life. A contact can be assigned to groups of accounts, which affects discounts, rebates, offers, mailing groups (whether and what message the customer will receive)
Configurable product data included in the offer
Possibility to transform an offer into an order upon its acceptance by the buyer. All data needed for implementation will be taken over by the system
Possibility of issuing and editing FVAT, pro forma, advance, prepayment (in selected countries) and corrective invoices. There is also an option to fully automate the generation of all types of invoices
Possibility to make notes in the system while working with the client. Recording and archiving of findings, comments, guidelines, etc. for consistent communication and avoiding misunderstandings. The memo history can be shared with another user who replaces the previous employee. Each of the notes can generate a task for an organization member, which will appear directly in his calendar, allowing for assigning tasks to more people while talking to the customer
Possibility of archiving offers for later viewing
The ability to manage the sales process on various e-commerce channels from one place. The system offers supply chain management, generates tracking numbers and monitors the flow of shipping documents. The fully electronic tool provides an excellent organization of orders and shipments supported by a mobile application
Possibility of simple transfer of offers and orders for further processing to another user, which works great with CRM KingAPP®, supporting teamwork
Possibility to create a list of contact groups, supporting, among others sending mailings and newsletters, granting discounts and promotions, etc. Contact groups are managed by the administrator of the appropriate system module, who is able to configure and create groups, as well as administer their members. Assigning a client to a group does not mean that he cannot be treated individually, i.e. he cannot be granted an individual discount or a special offer sent. The tool is connected to the CRM system, which facilitates the management of contacts for system administrators, sales representatives, account managers, etc.

The ability to include the option for regular customer purchases in software targeted primarily at enterprise/system users. With the help of an intuitive mobile application, the customer will be able to search and purchase the products they are interested in, also with the use of QR code and barcode scanners. With the functionality of providing trusted customers with the ability to use the application, the organization automates purchasing processes, thereby saving its employees time and increasing the number of orders received

Possibility of instant modification of contractor data with significant time savings. Editing a contact linked to a system account is equivalent to changing the account details
Possibility to adapt the application to one of 19 language versions. The functionality facilitates the presentation of the offer to a foreign-language client by generating the offer in the native language and presenting it in the contractor's language. The application enables international sales and the transfer of orders or tasks to foreign employees who carry out their tasks at a later stage in the sales chain. Thanks to this functionality, international corporations can use one, coherent system without the need to install and integrate many applications supporting communication in different languages
Possibility to set discounts for the purchase of full packages. The customer will receive a discount on products, e.g. when buying a carton of liquids, consisting of 12 individual bottles
Possibility to negotiate the offer with the buyer. Negotiations are conducted online in many languages (with the support of the system), with the option of converting the net earnings of transactions or calculating the sales volume

Ability for the system user to quickly complete purchases and tasks. Thanks to a mobile application, the work of, for example, a sales representative will be significantly automated, and the employee himself will become more efficient. It will enable him to place orders for the customer at his location in real time, easily record and archive business contacts, supervise the purchase and sales process on an ongoing basis and many other options. The application supports the same sales terms based on price lists and discounts that the sales department will implement in the system. Orders generated by representatives will allow for faster processing, as all departments responsible for service will be notified in real time. If the buyer meets the conditions, you can immediately begin processing the sale in stock, without the need to involve the BOK. If payment for the order is required, the buyer can use a convenient payment system or pay in cash to the representative, who will manually record the payment in the system, print the appropriate documents and initiate the execution of the order