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Internal structures management
creating and managing internal groups and teams
the ability to create your own positions with a set of their rights efficient
internal and external communication - a modern system of sending messages and a thematic and discussion forum
effective team management by assigning group or individual tasks
convenient creation of surveys, quizzes, e-voting with easy access to their results
an intuitive way to arrange meetings with the option of changing your attendance status
a system for handling and controlling membership fees and other internal payments
Hosting and security
intelligent cloud security against hacker attacks
24/7/365 customer support + monitoring of Cybersecurity experts
efficient hosting
Store groups
the ability to combine stores into store groups offering products from many stores (different domains) - on one Marketplace, which will attract more customers
automatically generated and refreshed site maps
advanced media file indexing
application adapted to Google Lighthouse
it is possible to connect Google diagrams for sale from the search engine level
automatic tagging of products and subpages
Email templates
the ability to customize system emails sent to users associated with actions (purchase, registration, newsletter, confirmation, etc.)
Social media
automatic posting to social media channels through SocialQueen.com as part of the subscription
adding social media channels visible on the store's website (linking your websites)
the ability to change / translate expressions that are on the store's pages, add other language versions translation
capabilities supported by Google Translate directly in the field, into many languages ​​at the same time
multi-language support out of the box possible
adding own regulations with the possibility of publishing them at a later time - if they are prepared with a view to future changes in law and a different date of publication is required
automatic sending of regulations, privacy policies and withdrawal conditions by e-mail with orders
- list of all users
- the ability to edit user data
- the ability to create an order for a specific user along with sending a request for payment
- the ability to link user accounts to keep your existing orders or link company accounts
- the ability to switch (re-log in) to the user's account
- the ability to add a role to the user (warehouseman, ordinary user, account administrator, etc.)
Page settings
- independence in configuration content
- management on store pages, editing and menu views, friendly configuration
- adding new subpages, quick change of content and photos
store configuration allows you to turn on and off many options without the participation of the programmer.
sets of statistics for sales analysis
listing orders by status and amount
a summary of all orders
invoices generated centrally for all sales channels (the system can support several domains and services within one accounting system)
automatic generation of seller data in invoices (net for EU, net for outside EU, VAT rates for a given country)
the possibility of harmonizing VAT rates for shipments
generating invoice corrections
Shipping groups
the ability to create shipping groups (the system will automatically calculate how much a given shipment will cost and whether many purchased products can be sent with one package)
A clear list of all shipping options by country, courier, shipping types (careful, oversized) allows you to precisely tailor the shipping price list to your needs
Rebate groups
the ability to assign rebate groups to the user
the possibility of combination between groups, users and products, which will allow for individual service in each industry the
ability to create discount groups for products or groups
Top seller
the ability to add products to the top seller list displayed on the main page or category pages
creating magazines in an almost unlimited number with your own editable names of warehouse places based on QR codes
management of shelves, products on shelves, forwarding for shipment, picking from the warehouse, sales directly from the application after scanning
assigning products to specific places in the warehouse (warehouse-shelf-place) manually or via a mobile application by QR codes or bar code
inventory function - an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile management and inventory application
the ability to quickly locate the goods storage location (a QR scan will display where the product is located)
quick acceptance of deliveries - scanning and receiving products using a mobile application
synchronization of inventory with eBay, Allegro, Amazon and AutoWorld.pl stores (adding products, sales)
dedicated connections of payment operators (possibly additional paid)
payment support through tPay, Przelewy24, Novalnet transfer and cash on delivery
the ability to set / enable payment types available in the store
the ability to create your own groups of parameters for the category
the ability to add individual parameters to the category
the ability to add individual parameters from Allegro, eBay and Amazon via Aukcjomat.pl
the ability to create your own groups of parameters for the category
the ability to add individual parameters to the category
the ability to add individual parameters from Allegro, eBay and Amazon via Aukcjomat.pl
the ability to add your own main and navigation categories, cross search in both provides precise product listing
the option of using the Ebay and Allegro category tree
the ability to compile your own categories from eBay, Amazon, Allegro, AutoWorld.pl, which allows you to quickly expose to given channels
Adding and managing products
adding new products designed in a simple way based on PIM
full sales support and product delivery acceptance without the need for additional external systems
mass price edition (specific amount, reduction, increase by a given value, percentage change) for many products at the same time
changing the status of many products at the same time
search by categories, ID, status
the ability to create sets from products
the ability to add products to existing sets, create new sets from products
friendly and intuitive product edition phased
separated product addition (depending on the marketplace and category we dynamically require or shorten refilling)
intuitive creation of a product database - the system suggests names, categories, part or product numbers, and also by default fills in the data assigned to a given product
integration with external databases - to streamline and expedite product display
the possibility of giving the product space in the warehouse or leaving it on a technical spot in the waiting room
the ability to send and print a unique QR code of the product when adding it - for unambiguous offline and online identification
Creating and operating products
adding new product groups with variants and their most important parameters
edition of many groups at the same time (category change, status change)
assigning shipping groups, adding a main photo for the group
individual and group discounts
search by categories in which product groups are added
search by group number, name and other parameters
Efficient shipping
a mobile storage application that streamlines product downloads and lets you handle the entire process from download to shipping automatic grouping and consolidation of packages converting
the shipment to the appropriate number of packages - depending on the weight / type of shipment (caution etc.)
connection via API to leading couriers * (the number of courier and logistics companies is constantly growing)
the ability to add files for shipments (send a file with e.g. User's Manual for a given order)
Simple order handling
sorting orders in the system by all parameters (e.g. payment status, shipping status, date, value, payment),
editing customer data in orders - the ability to quickly respond to changes and eliminate errors,
automatic generation of a new order by the seller or cloning of the previous one according to the collected data,
automatic calculation of the shipment price based on the weight and type of product - saving time and precise information for the customer
Convenient shopping
fine-tuning the product page (e.g. by placing similar products from the same series or size) to increase combined sales
fast and intuitive product search engine
pages that group products in the same category for easier finding the option of displaying
unavailable products - so that the customer can submit an inquiry
friendly, intuitive checkout that allows you to get high conversions wide backend store system
thanks to which sales service becomes easier