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Our business modules

Possibility to manually create a personalized offer for the user
Possibility to send group offers for a group of defined users with the possibility of concluding transactions by all with monitoring the availability of goods
Possibility to view the listing and product cards with parameters, descriptions, multimedia (photos, videos, presentations etc.), as well as the possibility of adding an ratings / opinions by the customers, related / recommended products, contact form or product inquiries, as well as other elements
Possibility to post a direct redirect from the website to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. using a simple plug on the system backend The tool makes it easier for the client to find the company's social profiles, which is one of the methods of building identity and brand identification. The functionality is supported by the SocialQueen® application, which facilitates the organization of work in social media
Possibility to add a WhatsApp module on the website, enabling direct contact with the company via messenger (messages can be integrated with CRM as an additional communication channel). If the customer chooses this communication channel as the default, all notifications and system emails will be directed to WhatsApp
Possibility of directing dedicated offers to customers / customer segments with products selected especially for them on conditions defined by the company. From the offer (also in PDF), it is possible to generate an order or a counter-offer directly in order to negotiate prices and terms of transactions. The tool is supported by the KingAPP® mobile application
Possibility to add separate graphics for each language version of the website. The graphics on each subpage can be adapted to the language in which the user displays the page (19 language versions are available in total), which will allow, for example, to show promotional banners in the user's language
Ability to view and manage offer statuses
Possibility to create up to four subpages with photos and descriptions, e.g. presentation of the offer, price list, presentation of implementation, etc. Subpages may contain modules, forms, links, dedicated graphics and many other elements. Each of the subpages can be semi-automatically translated into 19 languages
Possibility to create a subpage "About us" along with dedicated texts in accordance with the principles of copywriting that inspire the customer's trust and positively influence the positioning of the website in the search engine. The subpage may contain professional graphics, forms (contact, newsletter, etc.), additional information, redirections and other elements useful in the functioning of the internet platform
Possibility to add a WhatsApp module on the website, enabling direct contact with the company via messenger (messages can be integrated with CRM as an additional communication channel). If the customer chooses this communication channel as the default, all notifications and system emails will be directed to WhatsApp
Possibility to add a contact to the system with a minimum amount of data. The remaining data can be entered at a later date, which allows for efficient registration of more contacts. The new contact requires verification - the system assumes that the initial data is not data for the trader, but data to be checked and made the first contact. After verification, the assigned sales representative deals with the contact. In the case of negative verification, the lead is classified as spam

Ability to offer below listing price for followers. The system will automatically generate a purchase offer at a reduced price to interested persons who observe a given product (e.g. a user who watches an article for PLN 100 will receive a purchase offer for PLN 90 from the system)

Possibility to create a registration / login subpage with forms for logging in and registering to the website offering the sale of products and services. In each case, the subpage meets the legal requirements in a given country (e.g. GDPR), and the data collected by forms can be collected on the CRM contact management list
Possibility to place a module on the website showing e.g. the number of satisfied customers, implementations, etc. with the effect of counting from 0. This procedure allows not only to visually diversify the website in the form of legible data, but also inspires the customer's trust in the company by showing the results in numbers or percentages
Possibility to generate your own offer packages of parts after filters: VIN, date of disassembly, part category, package category (pre-definition is required, more parts divided into categorized sections)
Possibility of submitting an individual offer to the customer consisting of available, unavailable and non-available products. This provides the option of checking whether there is a demand for a product potentially marketed
Possibility of instant modification of contractor data with significant time savings. Editing a contact linked to a system account is equivalent to changing the account details
Possibility to create a subpage with texts prepared by the client required by law in a given country (KingAPP® is not responsible for the content of the posted content), such as the Regulations or the Privacy Policy
Possibility to edit offers sent in various formats, including product data included in the offer
The possibility of placing a subscription form for the newsletter on the website along with a checkbox for accepting the Privacy Policy and Website Regulations and relevant information, which are legal requirements related to the GDPR. An automatic e-mail with an activation link as well as an e-mail confirming the subscription will be sent to the account of the user subscribing to the newsletter. It is possible to save and use the list of people subscribed to the newsletter on the CRM contact list
Possibility to create a contact subpage with a business card (address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.), an route map integrated with Google Maps, company opening hours, etc. It is also possible to place a contact form or a service inquiry form on the website and connect it with a CRM contact list (customer relationship management), among others in order to conduct more effective marketing activities
Possibility to transform an offer into an order upon its acceptance by the buyer. All data needed for implementation will be taken over by the system
Configurable product data included in the offer
The possibility of creating a home page matched to the customer's needs with dedicated graphics and personalized texts describing the company, its activities and offer. The website can be adapted to the requirements of the search engine (copywriting, SEO), contain contact forms that can be combined with a CRM list, as well as many other modules attractive to the client
Possibility of archiving offers for later viewing

Possibility to automate the offer on eBay and Allegro according to the configuration in the price range, with the possibility of including shipping costs in the price of the product in the appropriate price dimension ("Free shipping"). The treatment of including shipping costs will allow you to raise the position of the product in the search results

Possibility to make notes in the system while working with the client. Recording and archiving of findings, comments, guidelines, etc. for consistent communication and avoiding misunderstandings. The memo history can be shared with another user who replaces the previous employee. Each of the notes can generate a task for an organization member, which will appear directly in his calendar, allowing for assigning tasks to more people while talking to the customer
Possibility to filter offer statistics by offer status, period and time range
Possibility of simple transfer of offers and orders for further processing to another user, which works great with CRM KingAPP®, supporting teamwork
Possibility to create a form that allows the customer to contact the company and quickly answer questions. The form is adjusted to the customer's needs and may contain various elements (drop-down list, checkboxes, text fields, etc.). It can be used not only for contact on the seller-customer line, but also for collecting leads and use in marketing campaigns. Data collection can be recorded and saved in the CRM list for further processing